Computer Science Scholarships for International Students in the USA

9 Computer Science Scholarships for International Students in the USA
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Different unique scholarships are offered to international computer science students in the USA. Indeed, many schools, programs, fellowships, and even agencies are willing to grant fully funded scholarships to students in the United States of America.

Getting a scholarship will significantly benefit students, be they domestic or international. So, we are willing to help by listing organisations and programs that offer financial support for international students in the USA. So lets head over to the first on the list.

1. Association for Computing Machinery Scholarship Program

Try not to miss out on this great offer from this scholarship program. ACM offers lots of support in awarding women who wish to offer computer science as undergraduate or postgraduate students in the USA. So, check for all requirements to be a part of this excellent opportunity to gain knowledge.

2. Google Lime Scholarship Program

This is another excellent sponsorship for education in the USA you would not want to miss out on as a foreign student. However, “Goggle Lime”, a non-profit organization, enables students with disabilities to fit into the computer world by funding their education.

Hence, if you do not meet the deadline for its application, you can always check its website for the next offer.

3. Microsoft Scholarship Program

Every year, Microsoft plays a significant role in empowering international students in the USA with scholarships in computer science. Besides, this applies to every other computer-related discipline. So, to get this offer, ensure you are running a full-time degree program in any college or university in the United States.

4. AFB Paul & Helen Ruckes Scholarship

Every student with visual disabilities is not excluded from getting any scholarship or grant. So, yes, as a blind or visually impaired student, you can still become a full-time computer scientist in the USA.

However, you must be a university or vocational school student to qualify for this scholarship offer.

5. Betty Steven Frecknall Scholarship

This is yet another prestigious scholarship offer for undergraduates or graduates in the Department of Computer Science in the USA. To get this offer, you must attain a major GPA of 3.0 or 4.0 on a scale. So, do well and send in your application before the due deadline.

6. Cybercorps Scholarships for Service

As an international student to run an MSC or PhD in computer science in the USA, this is an excellent chance for you. The scholarships offer the amount of $27,000 per year for undergraduate students and $37,000 to graduate students yearly. So, ensure you get this scholarship application form to acquire that degree.

7. AFCEA International Scholarship

Another great computer scholarship offer you can consider achieving is from the AFCEA educational foundation. This is an organization that grants funding that ranges from about $2,000 to $5,000. Also, note that this offer is currently available to all foreign students in the United States.

8. Wayne Black Memorial Scholarship Program

A scholarship program named after one of the most important contributors to the “Energy Telecommunications and Electrical Association (ENTELEC)”. However, so many people have benefited from this funding grant. Hence, try not to miss out on this great offer if you are among the international students in America.

9. NSA Stokes Educational Program

This scholarship is available for engineering and computer science students in the USA. So, going through the proper process and applying for this educational program is advisable.

Besides, this will help any computer science international student in the USA fund their degree. Also, note that you will be rendered a one-year service at the National Security Agency (NSA) after graduation.


However, international students studying computer science struggle to meet their financial needs. Hence, these scholarship programs help by giving them all the moral and financial support they need. So, make sure you apply for and qualify for any available scholarships as a computer science student in the USA.

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